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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Our purpose

We, the staff of Grafton Public School believe that the fundamental purpose of education is to prepare children for life. To achieve this purpose, we provide a balanced and varied school curriculum that has been developed to meet the academic, personal, social and cultural needs of the student. In our teaching we strive to help each student to achieve to the best of his/her potential, to master basic skills and to improve individual performance.

We are committed to instilling respect for learning and an attitude that learning will be a life-long pursuit. We seek to progressively instil in students an acceptance of personal responsibility for themselves and their own learning. We are committed to providing a safe, attractive learning environment for all. We are committed to the development of attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect, tolerance and thoughtfulness.

Our guiding principle is STAR – Set a Good Example, Tolerate Differences, Always Do Your Best, Respect Everyone.


Staff roles for 2020


Miss Michelle McDonagh

Deputy Principal - Primary

Mrs Kelly Fletcher

Deputy Principal - Infants (Relieving)

Mr Nick Campbell

Assistant Principals

  • Mr Brendan Taylor
  • Mrs Michelle Black

Assistant Principals - Relieving

  • Mrs Brooke Penfold
  • Mrs Tracy Avery 
  • Mrs Jane Dougherty
  • Miss Abby Chapman

Learning and Support Teachers - RFF/Literacy and Numeracy Support

Mr Tim Keogh, Mr Howard Avery, Mrs Tracey O'Donohue, Mrs Maria Rae, Mrs Cathy McPhee, Ms Elisabeth Brown, Mrs Michelle Black

Instructional Leader:

Mrs Amie Stephenson (Relieving)

School Wellbeing Officer:

To Be Advertised

School Counsellors:

Mrs Terri Jackson, Mrs Christine Lasker

Learning Support Teachers:

Mrs Jane Dougherty, Mrs Gail Taylor

RFF/Literacy and Numeracy Support

Mr Tim Keogh, Mr Howard Avery, Mrs Tracey O'Donohue, Mrs Maria Rae, Mrs Cathy McPhee, Ms Elisabeth Brown, Mrs Allira Fallow

Class Teachers:


Mrs Michelle Black, Ms Tori Haynes, Mrs Rebecca Cole, Mr Howard Avery

Year 1: 

Miss Natalie Hugo, Mrs Nicole Woods, Mrs Natasha Geary

Year 1/2:

Mrs Sandra McMahon/Miss Laura Wetherspoon

Year 2: 

Miss Abby Chapman, Mr Sam Wicks, Mrs Kimberley McPhillips/Mrs Errin Gallagher

Year 3:

Ms Janet Philp, Mrs Amanda Sullivan, Mrs Briony Stevens/Mrs Tayla Gauci

Year 4:

Miss Jane Dowsett, Mrs Elycia Hoade, Mrs Kate Robertson

Year 5: 

Mrs Kate Goodall, Mrs Stephanie Harrigan, Mrs Tegan Everleigh/Miss Dusty Bebbington

Year 5/6 Enrichment Class:

Mr Brendan Taylor, Mrs Laura Weatherspoon

Year 6: 

Mr Luke Stanford, Ms Sue Buckley

Special Education: 

Mrs Lindy Johnson, Mrs Lindy Craik, Mrs Allira Robison, Mrs Tracy Avery, Mrs Kobie Waytes, Mrs Megan Pereira/Mrs Kait Holloway


Mrs Brooke Penfold

Performing Arts Team:

Mr Tim Keogh (Co-ordinator and Golds Band Manager), Mr Garrett Salter (Choir Conductor and Blues Band Manager), Ms Jocey Rock (Dance Teacher), Mrs Kate Goodall (Senior Dance Manager), Mrs Brooke Penfold (Junior Dance Manager), Mrs Tegan Eveleigh (Infants Dance Teacher), Bek Burgess (Aboriginal Dance Teacher), Jody Duroux (Aboriginal Dance Manager)


Administration Staff:

School Administration Managers

Mrs Jo Hunting, Mrs Karen Crispin

SASS Officers 

Ms Jo Kearns, Mrs Christine Kelly, Mrs Selina O'Loughlin, Mrs Kim Blinman,  Miss Sharon Garvey

IT Administration/Oddjobs

Mr Clem Craythorn

School Learning Support Officers

Mrs Christine Reardon, Mrs Rhonda Walters, Mrs Jenny Hall, Mrs Debbie Creed, Mrs Liz Weller, Ms Helen Creighton, Mrs Niki Martin, Mr Dayne McPhillips, Ms Bernadette Rorke, Mrs Susie Hollett,Mr Beau Eveleigh, Ms Katrina Watts, Mrs Leanne Goodwin, Ms Trisha Winters, Ms Debra Scott, Mrs Ann Chard, Mrs Mel Hennessy, Mr Nick Weller, Mrs Connie Howell, Mrs Wendy Duroux, Mrs Selina O'loughlin

Aboriginal School Learning Support Officers

Mr Dion Donnelly, Ms Rebecca Burgess, Mrs Jody Duroux

General Assistant

Mr Michael Tarrant